Roller Derby Basics

What is Roller Derby?


Flat Track Roller Derby is played on an oval track with 5 members of each team skating in a counter-clockwise direction. The game, otherwise known as a Bout, is split into two 30-minute halves called Periods. Each period is partitioned into segments called Jams. Each jam can run up to 2 minutes.


Playing the Game

Blockers During Gameplay

The object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team by the end of the second period. Points are scored by only one member of each team: The Jammer (the player with a star on their helmet). Points are earned when the team’s jammer passes an opposing team member during gameplay. The jammer’s position is obstructed by the rest of the members of an opposing team: The Blockers.

One blocker is designated the Pivot (the player with a stripe in their helmet). The pivot can take on the role of Jammer during gameplay if the star is successfully passed to them by the jammer.

Referee During Gameplay

Between 3 and 7 on-skates Referees are responsible for issuing Penalties to players on the track. Players issued a penalty are required to serve 30 seconds of game time in the Penalty Box before resuming the game. Examples of penalties include gaining of position, illegal and counter directional contact.


Click Here for a link to the official rules of Roller Derby


Video from WFTDA: Women’s Flat Track Derby Association