Meep Meep

Photo Credit: Samantha D’Anna, LLC

Derby name: Meep Meep

Number: 80

Derby Nickname: Meep

Significance of name/number: Meep Meep ; insane humor, roadrunner, jammer, NM, onomatopoeia. My number came from my Trig professor. I answered a question I’m class and he asked, “That’s 80, D, right?” I felt so ‘seen’ or like he was calling me out. And remembered yes. The answer is 80 and forever I am 80D.

Derbyversary: November 2007- my first scrimmage was January 2008.

Favorite Derby Position: I like and appreciate blocking but I have been a jammer for 15 years ( -2) from the plague. I

Favorite Food: Tacos barbacoa with spicy cilantro avocado salsa from El Chile atorrado in Santa Fe

Pre-game song: Sail- Awolnation

Why derby? Skating connects me to my body in a fun way. I love pushing myself to try scary things. Right now hockey stop to lateral jump is my challenge. I go places within myself when I skate that bring me peace and the community has always been incredible. It allows me to socialize with people I would never normally meet.

Seasons 2022, 2023