Photo Credit: Samantha D’Anna, LLC

Derby name: Valkyrie
Number: 44
Derby Nickname: Val
Significance of name/number: In Norse mythology, the Valkyries choose who dies on the battlefield. 44 has been my number since birth!
Derbyversary: January 12th, 2015. It was a little recruit night and I had absolutely no skating experience. It would become the first day of the rest of my life.
Favorite Position: Blocking. And I like Penalty/Lineup Tracking!
Favorite Food: Tacos!
Pre-game song: The sound of my shallow breathing as I anxiously wait for the game to start. It’s getting better tho!
Why derby? I was immediately hooked by the variety of body types. Every body is valued and everyone is pushing themselves to new limits. Also, the camaraderie is like nothing else I’ve experienced. Sure we knock each other down sometimes, but we are always lifting each other up.

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