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Derby name: BAMPF! Number: 10 Derby Nickname: BAMPF! Significance of name/number: Derbyversary: Outside of derby: Favorite Position: Favorite Food: Pre-game song: Why derby?

Lola Bipola

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Derby name: Lola Bipola Number: 296 Derby Nickname: Lola Bips Significance of name/number: I am in fact bipolar! 296 is the diagnosis code for BPD in the DSM Derbyversary: January 2012 Outside of derby: Administrative Assistant  Favorite Position: Blocker Favorite Food: Tacos Pre-game song: Operator by Jim Croce & other songs that make me feel… Read More

Trunk Monkey

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Derby name: Trunk Monkey Number (if applicable): Officiating since: On-skates/off-skates/both:


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Derby name: Super-ova Number: 323 Derby Nickname: Significance of name/number: I wanted an intergalactic name and my husband came up with that one! Derbyversary: Spring 2012 Outside of derby: Mental Health Counselor Favorite Position: Pivot and Scorekeeper Favorite Food: Eggs (get it… ova…. lol) Pre-game song: Hmmm… no pregame songs but I like to give a pregame… Read More