Rissa Rampage

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Derby name: Rissa Rampage Number: 239 Derby Nickname: Rissa Significance of name/number:¬†Area code to home town Derbyversary: January 2018 Favorite Position: Blocker Favorite Food: Burgers Pre-game song: Queen of the Kings by Alessandra or Freak by Timmy Trumpet and Savage Why derby? Cause it’s the best!!! Amazing sport with amazing people!


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Derby name: Kickstand Derby Nickname: Significance of name/number: Derbyversary: Outside of derby: Favorite Position: Favorite Food: Pre-game song: Why derby?

Slam Helsing

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Derby name: Slam Helsing Number: 666 Derby Nickname: Slam Significance of name/number: I love anything spooky/horror related. Derbyversary: August 2015 Favorite Position: Blocking, Pivot, Jam Reffing  Favorite Food: Hamburger and Fries Pre-game song: Definitely some 80s rock/hair metal. Why derby? I love the team dynamic and how supportive the community is.


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Derby name: Vertigeaux Significance of name/number: I had to squeeze my Baton Rouge roots in there somewhere. Just made sense to turn vertigo into Vertigeaux. Derbyversary: August 2019 Outside of derby: Suds Scientist (I make soap) Favorite Food: Ramen! Specifically corn and butter ramen. Pre-game song: Set It Off by Audioslave Why derby? I needed… Read More


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Derby name: HOT BOX Number: 28 Derby Nickname: HOT BOX Derbyversary: January 2009 Favorite Position: BLOQUER Favorite Food: Ricola Pre-game song: Violently Happy, Bjork Why derby? SK8 not H8


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Derby name: Badger Number: 007 Derby Nickname: Badger Significance of name/number: I love Badgers! Derbyversary: July 2019 Outside of derby: Social Work “Youth Resource Specialist” with JJAB Favorite Position: Blocker or Pivot! Pre-game song: T.N.T. or Black Betty Why derby? I love skating!!

Ultra Violent Lite

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Derby name: Ultra Violent Lite Number: 400 Derby Nickname: Vi/UV Significance of name/number: My middle name is Violet + UV light is really important in the physics of my day job. 400nm is the wavelength at which the visible light spectrum stops and the ultra violet spectrum begins. Also, I’m short and lite. Derbyversary: August… Read More