Rainbow Riot

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Derby name: Rainbow Riot Number: 91 Derby Nickname: Riot Derbyversary: September 2017 Outside of derby: I run a small cleaning business Favorite Position: I love jamming but also enjoy blocking and just playing this amazing sport! Favorite Food: Pizza with pineapple and olives (gluten and dairy free)  Pre-game song: Monsters Ball by Butcher Babies Why… Read More

Wu Tang Clam

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Derby name: Wu Tang Clam Number: 36 Derby Nickname: WU Significance of name/number: Wu Tang is forever. Derbyversary: March 2006 Outside of derby: Bakery Team Leader for Whole Foods Favorite Position: Blocking and yelling Favorite Food: Red Curry Pineapple Chicken Why derby? For mental clarity.

Saturday, October 17th

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October 17th & 18th from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. Lunch provided. This weekend-long “skate school” will focus on Basic Skating Skills, giving skaters a solid foundation to move into more advanced skating skills. We’ll also break down the game and the many roles that officials play.  If you’re interested in learning how to play… Read More

Reina Terror

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Derby name: Reina Terror Number: 21 Derby Nickname: Reina Significance of name/number: Derbyversary: Outside of derby: Favorite Position: Favorite Food: Pre-game song: Why derby?

Rissa Rampage

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Derby name: Rissa Rampage Number: 239 Derby Nickname: Rissa Significance of name/number: Derbyversary: January 2018 Outside of derby: Background Investigator Favorite Position: Brace or Refereeing Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers or cheesecake Pre-game song: Freaks, Timmy Trumpet and Savage Why derby? I wanted to try derby for many years and fell in love with how supportive everyone… Read More


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Derby name: Kickstand Derby Nickname: Significance of name/number: Derbyversary: Outside of derby: Favorite Position: Favorite Food: Pre-game song: Why derby?

Slam Helsing

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Derby name: Slam Helsing Number: 666 Derby Nickname: Slam Significance of name/number: I love anything spooky/horror related. Derbyversary: November 2015 Outside of derby: I work in museums and archives. Currently, I’m a Museum Director. Favorite Position: Blocker. In a “well stocked” roster, I like jamming too (in a love/hate sort of way). Favorite Food: Burgers… Read More


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Derby name: Badger Number: 007 Derby Nickname: Badger Significance of name/number: I love Badgers! Derbyversary: July 2019 Outside of derby: Social Work “Youth Resource Specialist” with JJAB Favorite Position: Blocker or Pivot! Pre-game song: T.N.T. or Black Betty Why derby? I love skating!!

Rose E Knuckles

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Derby name: Rose E Knuckles Number: 18 Derby Nickname: Knuckles Significance of name/number: 18 for my birthday and knuckles ‘coz I’m a fighter! Derbyversary: August 2019 Outside of derby: Paper pusher Favorite Position: I’m new at this, but I figure I’d like to play both sides and be a pivot. Favorite Food: Depends on who’s… Read More

Estrella Dog

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Derby name: Estrella Dog Number: 0306 Derby Nickname: Stray Derbyversary: Late 2018 Outside of derby: Veterinary assistant Favorite Position: Don’t know yet Why derby? Because some of the best women I know are here