Derby name: Ferociraptor (Raptor)
Number: 26
Significance of name/number: My name is a pun on ferocious and velociraptor (I love dinosaurs and puns). My number is 26 because Ferociraptor sounds a bit like Ferrumciraptor. Ferrum is iron, which is element 26 in the periodic table. *RAWR I am the iron raptor!* 2/6 also happens to be my birthday.
Derbyversary: I started out as a non-skating official in April 2013, started skating soon after, and played my first game with the Roller Girls of the Apocalypse in April 2014. I joined LADD in July 2015.
Favorite Position: Pivot
Goal for this season: Become a more agile jammer, and improve my hockey stops to the point where I use them in game play.
Why derby? Skating fast and hitting my friends keeps me sane! 😉

Seasons 2015, 2016, 2017