Hermione Strangler

Derby name: Hermione Strangler
Derby Nickname:
Significance of name/number:
The year my parents were born
December 2011
Outside of derby:
Youth Educator
Favorite Position:
Blocker (we dont wear panties 😉 and PT/LT
Favorite Food:
Steamed broccoli, ok thats not all. I love baked goods!
Pre-game song:
“Tomboi” by Princess Nokia 
Why derby?
Why not? I have a frustrating life that demands lots of energy and attention. Everyday I’m hustling. I’m a professional youth-negotiator that sprinkles social awareness into my teachings. And a few times a week I’m blessed to be able to put on skates, join other folks that wanna knock people down, and build each other up. Life is derby. And we learn when to strategically be in the penalty box. 

Season 2019