Derby name: Shulkie
Significance of name/number: “Shulkie” is the She-Hulk’s nickname in Marvel comics, and Jen Walters/She-Hulk is one of my favorite characters. So, Shulkie. In the Before Times when symbols and letters were acceptable parts of skater numbers, my number was “20?”, or twenty-questions. I’ve got an insane memory for trivia, so it was fantastic until it had to just be “20”.
February 2012
Outside of derby:
Favorite Position:
Blocker. I can jam very badly if you make me, but I’d rather ruin a jammer’s day than be one.
Favorite Food:
Lots of different things and I get bored fast. I’m especially fond of artichokes, game meat, and offal though.
Pre-game song:
Otep, “Rise, Rebel, Resist”
Why derby?
Because I spent most of my life up until my mid-thirties as a sedentary nerd and obviously if I’m going to change that the thing that makes the most sense is to devote myself to playing a contact sport on roller skates.

Seriously though, I spent my childhood wishing to be able to play hard-hitting sports and now that I can get my wish I’m damn well going to.


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