Derby name: Super-ova
Number: 323
Derby Nickname:
Significance of name/number: I wanted a name that had to do with some kind of astronomical phenomenon since I’ve always loved that stuff. My clever husband came up with this one that has a feminine wordplay to it 😉 Supernovas are super powerful and so are ovas! The number is one that’s come up throughout my life that I’ve always noticed. It has another significance but it’s a secret (for me to know and you to wonder ….. ha ha ha).
Derbyversary: Spring 2012
Outside of derby:
Favorite Position: I love blocking and being the Pivot. I like to be the jammer in small doses.
Favorite Food:
Pre-game song:

Why derby? Playing roller derby is one of the best choices I’ve made for myself. I always loved playing team sports when I was young (up to 20’s). It seemed like once you hit a certain age, you just don’t play them anymore. Not true! Working out and staying fit feels so much easier in the context of a sport. Roller derby has encouraged me to love my body and what it can do. Never in my life have I felt so strong, confident, and capable. The benefits of having a group of women friends goes without saying- they work hard at practice week to week with me, we go out for beers together, they threw me my bachelorette party, and they brought me meals when I had my baby. It’s definitely more than derby- although we all seem equally obsessed.

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