Wiccan Vic-Sin

Derby name: Wiccan Vic-Sin

Number: 16

Derby Nickname: Vic-sin

Significance of name/number: When I started playing derby I wanted voodoo Vic-Sin but there was already one similar registered on two evils. So I went with Wiccan instead. Vic-Sin is because my name is Victoria.

Derbyversary: I’ve been roller skating since the early 90s, playing roller derby since 2011/2012, the month is fuzzy because of how long ago it was.

Favorite Derby Position: Absolutely love blocking

Favorite Food: Rabbit stew, or butter chicken with garlic naan

Pre-game song: Anything by Halluci Nation, Snow tha Product, Northern Cree or Young Spirit. Song would have to be Matriarch by Snotty Nose Rez Kids.

Why derby? I’ve always been about supporting strong women and helping them find their inner strength. I am a DV survivor and want to show others that they can stand up after going through hardships. No matter how many times you get knocked down never give up was a huge focus of my hometown team. Never give up. It’s always been empowering to me. I’ve also found it hard to make friends and step out of my comfort zone and roller derby forces me to step out of that zone and the people I meet at derby tends to be a little more accepting of my eclectic personality.

Seasons 2022, 2023